As we consider ourselves to be fans of art, at Holiday Hydros we have a wide group of artists whose works decorate different parts of our hotel. By displaying the works of particular artists in groups of three, the feel of each space is periodically renewed with the arrival of new creations. In this section, you can find out about the current artists throughout the year. You will even have the option (by booking) of enjoying a guided tour with the very artist whose work is on display at that moment.

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Is a creation of the artists Cecilia Islas Saporito and Héctor Cardoner Müller where they try to give life to some materials that are stationary in the nature and as if with a simple movement they wish to offer the public a unique image. Since about two years they find themselves immersed in this journey that will transport them wherever their imagination takes them, according to their own words.
This exhibition supplements other previous actions performed in some cultural bars in the province of Málaga, and cultural places in Madrid and Barcelona. They also participated in the first Craft edition in Mijas where they reached the final.