DJ sesions
As every weekend, Holiday Hydros, more specifically, its terrace Lounge, enliven the evenings with DJ sessions, where customers can interact by choosing your topics or favorite songs to finish customizing a sunny afternoon, mojitos and good music direct. The schedule of our sessions, from 1430 to 1730 hrs, Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturdays, in addition to the musical amenizaje, we have different activities such as "The soundtrack of your life", at which point we will enjoy the best musical pieces of those films that made us feel unique moments, moments like those spent in our Hydros Lounge terrace.

In addition, on Saturdays and Sundays from 17:30 pm in our archiconocido "cocktelería Workshop" (Do it by yourself), we invite our customers to taste a unique, refreshing and original cocktails, based on the story native to the very concept of "cocktail". In these workshops, our team of bars, welcomes you in the exotic profession of making and decorating of the most popular brews, as well as the home made by the "more creative and daring" customers.